All Natural, Superior Quality

No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Additives.
Aurora Natural has what you are looking for.

Only The Best

From Our Family to Yours.

Environmentally Driven

Aurora is proud of it efforts to be cleaner and strives to contribute to a sustainable environment.

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Aurora Sells Bulk Items, please call to inquire.

Walnut Recall News: Aurora Products, Inc. does not purchase any products from Gibson Farms and is not involved in this recall.
All walnuts used by Aurora Products, Inc. are processed to eliminate microbiological food safety risks.

Stephanie's Book

Stories of Trial and Triumph
from entrepreneur and author
Stephanie V. Blackwell

When Passion Meets Opportunity, Success Is a “Natural”…Eventually.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. Serendipity or Passion? tells the tale of the growth of Aurora Products from a tiny backroom operation with four employees to a thriving, nationally known packager of all-natural foods with over 200 employees. It’s not a book of business lessons; rather, it’s a collection of stories with business lessons embedded in them. Stephanie hopes fellow entrepreneurs will gain value from her experiences, but most of all, she hopes everyone enjoys the ride-as she has!



Whole Cranberries

I just wanted to take a moment and write you to tell you how amazing your cranberries are. I was very surprised at the quality and how amazing they are. I’ve had other brands and they are not like yours.
So thank you. Like really.
Have a blessed day! God Bless!

Ashley Cesarini

Naked Ginger

Just writing to let you know I just bought your Naked Ginger today at Whole Foods in Hyannis and was absolutely hooked with the first nibble (expanded to a quarter of the tub). This is the best candied ginger I’ve ever eaten- moist on the inside a little toothy crust on the outside, perfect flavor. Absolutely Delicious!

Thank you for selling an EXCELLENT product!

Elizabeth Dixon Brewster, MA

and more on the Naked Ginger….

Thank you for your wonderful Australian Naked Ginger I discovered recently at Whole Foods.  I have been eating ginger regularly for the past 25 years but I have not found one I love as much as yours.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Elizabeth OSullivan

Dear Aurora Products,
I wanted to take the time to write you and let you know how much my family is enjoying your salted sesame sticks. We used to buy a different brand, but once we discovered yours, we’ll never go back to anything else! My daughter especially loves the freshness of the snacks we buy her from your company, and as a mom, I love being able to provide her with convenient snacks on the go that are tasty AND healthy!

Again, thanks for providing such a great tasting and healthy snack that I feel confident giving to my kids! I’m sure I speak for many moms when I say it gives us peace of mind to feed our kids your snacks!

Megan Snyder

Cranberry Vanilla Crunch

By far the best granola I’ve ever had ! That is all ….
Just wanted to tell u. I plan on trying other varieties as well.
I found them at Giant Markets in Scranton PA.

Brewster, MA

Happy Hearts!

Dear Aurora Natural,

We LOVE LOVE LOVE your chips. My family and I live in Orange CT for almost 10 years now!

I’m from Puerto Rico and have searched high and low for yummy plantain chips that speak to my childhood growing up in P.R. I, we, have found them in your plantain chips. They are simple…perfect. the crunch, flavor, salting all done exactly like I remember when I was a kid. We keep our cabinets stocked with them! They are brought out most meals and a delicious side to pretty much any lunch or dinner. Even breakfast!

Today, when we dove into our clear tub of plantains chips we got a huge surprise!! We pulled out this heart shaped chip and all screamed and took a photo and had to share it.

Aurora Natural plantain chips indeed has our heart!!   Have a great day!!

 Peace, Tanya M 


Thank You!
Just wanted to say that I love your products.

Also, your raisins are absolutely the best I’ve ever had. I had given up on trying to find decent raisins in the grocery stores without added oils or preservatives…then I discovered yours a couple years ago. Unbelievably wonderful! Not dried out and hard, and they have a unique fresh flavor. The best!!!

Another favorite…the honey roasted cashews!

 Have a great day; no need to respond. Just keep up the terrific products!    Carol Peterson


I just wanted to thank you for producing such a fantastic product! It’s not easy finding top quality, organic, pure products (especially prunes) that not only don’t have preservatives, sorbitol, or any of the other additives, but also, that haven’t lost their taste. Your prunes are standouts and are always so fresh!
I purchase your organic prunes every time I see them in stock. Unfortunately, I don’t live near a Whole Foods anymore, but I will occasionally drive out of my way to get some!
Again, thank you for what do you and for creating such a great product. I’m healthier because of it.

– Marchesa (San Diego, CA)

Love Your Organic Cashews!

So glad I found your product in Whole Foods last week.  I have never tasted Organic Whole Cashews like your product!  Sweet and pure.  I wanted to thank you for all your efforts and continued support for us who love nuts!

Kulani (Bonnie) Bowen


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The Benefits of Eating Nuts Daily
Dr. Ryan Ince MD.

Thank you Dr. Ince MD for showing us the benefits of eating nuts with Aurora’s Walnuts!

You can find these at Whole Foods or here on Amazon