Neo-Pure is the only organic non-thermal pasteurization that keeps food truly raw without any compromises.

Neo-Pure works by combining an organic liquid solution with a system designed specifically for food processing. It provides a validated reduction of harmful pathogens such as Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria while preserving the natural taste, smell, texture and nutrition of the food.


Truly Raw – Food Quality is preserved since Neo-Pure does not use heat, chemical gas or irradiation

Maintain Shelf Life – Neo-Pure kills spoilage microorganisms such as mold and yeast to maintain shelf life

Organic – Neo-Pure is composed of ingredients found in nature. It is approved for organic use to US NOP & Canadian COR standards

Viable – Neo-Pure eliminates pathogens, and then biodegrades completely, so it does not damage foods. For example, germination/sprouting of
product is unaffected after pasteurization

Neo-Pure is misted onto food in its dedicated food safety system. The process uniformly destroys pathogens on the foods’ surfaces and in cracks and crevices that can harbor pathogens. Afterwards, Neo-Pure completely biodegrades, leaving the food safe and raw, just as nature intended. Neo-Pure is an approved processing aid by the FDA and EPA, which means it is so safe to use that labeling is not required. It is also certified organic, Kosher, and Halal.


Conventional methods have drawbacks and do not meet today’s consumer expectations as they can compromise food quality. Steam works by ‘cooking’ food, degrading it of vital nutritional, sensory, and germination characteristics.

Many foods (such as Cashews and Macadamia Nuts) have a grey or brown appearance after being treated and often have a ‘rubbery texture and burnt flavor’.

  • No Thermal Heat or Cooking of Seeds, Grains or Nuts
  • No Harmful Chemical Gas Irradiation
  • Remains Raw
  • Nutritional Impact Remains Intact
  • Biodegrades into H20
  • Preservation of Germination
  • Natural Taste, Smell and Texture  are Preserved
  • Shelf life is Preserved
  • Approved for Organic Use Under US NOP & Canadian COR Standards